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How to Improve TOEFL Score in Integrated Writing


Writing is one of the most difficult skills to bet in TOEFL. So, how to improve TOEFL score in integrated writing? Here are the quick tips.

Always remember to paraphrase

In TOEFL writing, paraphrasing is the skill you need to master. There is a big consequence if you don’t do it. Your score will be bad! Why? When you don’t paraphrase from the passage or the lecture and use the exact same word, you will become a plagiarist. And don’t expect you will get a good score if you use the exact same words based on the passage or the lecture. Our tip to you is that you need to practice your paraphrasing skill and strategy before taking TOEFL test.

Don’t let your mind think about anything else but TOEFL

The focus is one of the keys to success in almost every aspect. It is including in the TOEFL test. After you find out that your job is to paraphrase or summarize what the passage tells you, you need to explain more ideas related to it. Focus on the points that the passage or the lecture repeat more than once. Find the main idea of it, and see what the next response is.

Take notes

Some people underestimate the power of taking notes. You will have prewriting activity if you take notes. Since you have to simplify what the lecture or the passage is written, then you need to take notes only based on that. But keep in mind that your notes should focus on the lecture. Meanwhile, the ideas come from the passage too. After that, try to connect everything together to get the main idea and conclusion.

There are three important aspects of how to improve TOEFL score in integrated writing. They are including your paraphrasing skill, focus, and the way you take notes. Don’t forget to always keep everything simple and pay attention to your grammar.

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